Demonstrating excellence in college-level work in high school.

Administered by the College Board to promote college readiness, Advanced Placement®(AP) courses and exam scores are objective measures to assess high school students and permit them to bypass, and in some cases gain credit for, introductory college courses. AP® exams are a recognized standard across the world and an integral part of the admissions decisions for many colleges and universities.

At BASIS Curriculum Schools, we believe in high academic expectations for all students. To that end, AP® Exam results are a useful measurement of our success in helping students achieve their academic goals.

Students who pass an AP Exam by earning a score of 3 or higher out of 5 can successfully complete introductory-level college. BASIS Curriculum students are required to take AP classes in all disciplines.

2018 Advanced Placement Exam Performance

Most American schools allow only top-performing students to take AP courses and AP Exams beginning in grades 10 or 11, but BASIS Curriculum Schools require ALL students to participate in AP courses and testing beginning in grade 9 (and students can elect to take AP Exams even before entering high school). Despite being younger and in lower grade levels, BASIS Curriculum students perform exceedingly well on AP Exams when compared to their peers across the country and around the globe.

2018 AP Exams
Average Score and Pass Rate (Scoring 3 or Higher)

2018 AP Exam Performance

2018 AP Exams

Pass Rate by Subject and Exam (Scoring 3 or Higher)

AP Results 2018- by group

AP Results 2018- by group

Advanced Placement Performance Over Time

The BASIS Curriculum continues to evolve and offers a wide range of students the opportunity to take AP courses and exams. Impressively, as the number of BASIS Curriculum students participating in AP Exams continues to grow each year, so too does the pass rate of students in BASIS Curriculum Schools.

AP Exams
Participation and Performance Over Time

AP Exam Pass Rate for Past Five Years

Source: The College Board, 2013 – 2018.

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