“Be a Participant, not a Bystander!”

— Dr. Q. Mark Reford

Greetings From Our Chief Executive Head of Schools

We hope you enjoy reading about the richness of our program and the proven success of the BASIS Curriculum; the world-class quality of our teachers, and our distinct culture that sets high expectations for our students matched by the highest levels of support.

A great international school in contemporary China must fulfill two important promises to our families: we must connect our students to educational and professional opportunities across the globe, and at the same time ensure that our students are deeply rooted in the language and culture of this nation’s uniquely rich, vibrant and ancient civilization.

Our work each day as teachers and the strategic decisions we make as managers are guided by the mission of BASIS International Schools, China:

To provide our students with a transformative early childhood and K – 12 education. With the cutting-edge BASIS Curriculum, through exceptional teaching and faculty mentoring, we will produce graduates who have the broad intellectual and international perspectives, critical thinking capabilities and creative problem-solving skills to be leaders in their future world.

How do we as educators fulfill this mission?

At BASIS International Schools, China:

We know that nothing matters except student learning. Everything we do is focused on that. It is this clear understanding that attracts great teachers to our schools from across the world. We hire the best teachers, experts in their fields who are passionate about sharing their knowledge in the classroom. We identify what is essential to create the most rigorous, joyful and intellectually stimulating learning culture – and focus our time, energy, care and resources on these essentials.

We open the minds of our students to what is possible for themselves and for their world by giving them the learning skills to define what is important and to act on it.

We teach our children to thrive in our global world. To have the chance to be participants rather than bystanders in solving problems and creating fresh opportunity, the young must be grounded in traditional disciplinary knowledge and competencies.

Without that knowledge they will lack the capacity to imagine and the resourcefulness to execute. They will be passive spectators in a world beyond their intellectual and practical grasp.

Our learning culture teaches students that a thirst for knowledge and the struggle and challenge of acquiring academic mastery is fun and stimulating and is the best preparation for handling what adult life will throw them.

In closing, I want to thank you for your interest in our schools. I know that your choice of school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent and I am honored that you are considering our community as the learning home for your family.

Mark Reford, Chief Executive Head of Schools

Dr. Q. Mark Reford

Chief Executive Head of Schools,
BASIS International Schools, China